“God is with us even if they are against us!” -Unknown Hurricane Katrina Victim

The outlaw process that is going on behind closed doors against our American families and most importantly America’s youth….Is a system that leaves families scorned in many cases. A system that views our American children as revenue…..bending the already vague and inconsistent laws to warrant a removal under ANY circumstances when so ever they please. Tearing apart families to maintain federal funding. A huge beauracracy driven by pure evil. Hence the saying money is the root of all evil. Sustained by a BIAS judicial system, based on close business relationships between CPS workers and court individuals: Child protective services. We as American Citizens have the right and have to uphold the right to protect our Families and children by fighting to uphold the federal laws reasonable efforts requirement, whenever at all possible, in addition to our Consitutional rights, that CPS violate on a daily basis. Please join the fight to keep American families together and protect our nations youth by keeping them with their parents, those whom love the children most and whom the children love most in return.

Please view, the heaven sent Nancy Schaefer, Georgia Senator, who lost her seat and believe it or not HER LIFE, in an effort to keep families and children united and out the evil and corrupted CPS and then decide for yourself.
You can find the link click on it from this page.

And then go here http://www.parentalrights.org/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={97AC9727-7102-4289-82F7-9F6D89D62C83} to find out about the law that Obama upholds to seperate parent and child even more and the Parental Rights Act law that we, the American People are trying to get passed instead to save parent child relationships and thus the American people and the American Dream!!!

I encourage you to also utilize the site to find out which Senators and representatives are really for the people and get out and vote for them!! The link can also be found on this site.

Join in the fight and sign a petition to abolish CPS once and for all, which is the new age slavery and legal kidnapping at

If you dont believe me just view this site with more vidoes about the poor heaven sent Nancy Schaefer who was gunned down in efforts to demolish the illegal CPS. Please watch all the videos. They are about 10 minutes long each but please do, it is so important to see the real outlaw process that goes on right here in America, it is a MUST SEE for everyone with children, grandchildren, neices nephews and family!! Which includes all of us!! No one is safe from the money hungry evil driven beaucracy. http://www.prisonplanet.com/georgia-senator-nancy-schaefer-talks-about-cps-alex-jones-show.html

May Nancy Schaefer Rest in peace… and she did not die invain, for she is “truely an angel”.

There is more to come to join in the fight to save America from the unconstitutional outlaw process that our very own tax dollars and court systems uphold!!!

God Bless America!!! God Bless Us All!!


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