“Kids only matter in this country when they are fetuses” -Roseanne Bar

And not even then Rosie…..

Casey Anthony was rendered not guilty today probably because the Prosecutors just did not present a thorough and aggressive enough of a case. There is evidence I felt that was left out that they should have submitted and focused on. Although I myself did not believe that she should have gotten the death penalty, mainly because I wanted to revisit her in about 20 years and see if we’d ever get the truth about what happened to Caylee that day after years of maturity and guilt kicked in. I do, however, feel that she should have suffered a more serious punishment than what “providing false information to a law enforcement officer” will provide. Evidence was left out and the defense created enough reasonable doubt. Bottom line is she got away with her daughter’s murder. There is a lesson to be learned from this though and that is that if a person takes a case to trial with an aggressive enough defense attorney they have a good chance of winning better than what one may think. I guess its good for her that she had the guts to not take a plea deal. The bottom line though is that justice was not served for Caylee Anthony today but the “bella vita” was fulfilled for Casey Anthony and unfortunately children have no voice in this country. They small and appear weak and are a preyed upon by selfish inconsiderate psychopaths in this country. They have become a source of funds for greedy self-centered individuals at the hands of the government. Its disgusting and dispicable what adults get away with at children’s expense. WTF is wrong with America………OUTRAGE!


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