Kanye West Is Gay and Pictured Here With His Alleged Long Time Lover Ricardo Tisci

kanye gay

It’s official Kanye West would appear to be bisexual at the very least, if not full on gay at this point. This is just my opinion based on some of the media speculation. Being gay is not a problem after all until you bring a child into after using Kim Kardashian to serve as a beard (woman that a gay man uses to portray a heterosexual image) so that he can maintain an appearance of being straight to the world. Watch the interpretation of the video of Love Lockdown a song by Kanye West. It explains a lot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeOU3_7VNvQ 

Also a famous fashion blogger commented about it on his twitter page. It actually makes a lot of sense since he has been in Paris close to his bff through out Kim’s entire pregnancy, his bff is openly gay Ricardo Tisci. Hmmm doesn’t take a brain surgeon to put the pieces to this puzzle together. He is choosing to be close to his gay lover who he tries to pass off as his best friend while he now uses Kim as a façade (or beard). Kim should go ahead and accept this although I’m sure she won’t fess up to it. Certain things must be kept on the down low for image after all (no pun intended). Touche!


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