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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reunite….again

rs_560x415-130705134848-1024_Jelena_mh_070513 Well it looks like my premonition came true. Justin Bieber posted a picture on Instagram of him and Selena Gomez the morning after the fourth of July 2013. My inkling is that this was another booty call, just like the one that took place when Selena traveled all the way to Europe on the Biebs tour and than a week later was proclaiming her singleness. Anyways, Selena and Justin obviously still care about each other but I think that Selena is just scared to commit back to Justin because she is so worried about what others think, namely, her so-called bff Taylor Swift. Either way it seems to me that she is making it easier on JB by giving him his cake and his ice cream and eat it too. By not committing she is allowing him to have sex with her and still with other women…its still a man’s world, after all. But hey thats life!


Will Justin Bieber and Selena reunite yet again?


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were cutest pop couple in Hollywood. but have since be referred as “still the cutest couple in Hollywood” according to radaronline. This news came by a young girl who has placed herself among the Hollywood seen and famously stalks the stars, StalkerSarah twitter name is @sarahmonline. In addition to that it was reported by radaronline that a recent radio station interview Selena bursted out in tears when faced with a compilation of Beiber snip its.

All this while Taylor Swift has reportedly been working over time to keep Selena away from Justin, even going so far as to hook Selena up with the apparent up and coming(adorable) Austin Mahone. Well after all Taylors efforts while on the group outing Selena was photo’d wearing Justin Bieber’s shirt! Imagine the gasp that Taylor Swift must have made when she heard the news lol.

All the while, Justin Bieber is enjoying being one of the richest 19year olds in America by casually dating having been spotted with aspiring model Jordan Ozuna and another mystery girl in Vegas this past weekend.

While it is not sure the message that Selena is trying to send, it is apparent that she is saying something. It seems to me that at the very least all in all Selena still very much cares for Justin and misses the relationship more than she let on in the beginning. Note that she famously proclaimed that she made him cry on the David Lettermen show.

BFF Taylor Swift is reportedly working over time to keep Selena away from Justin according the My thoughts are that Taylor should mind her own business. While I am sure that she cares about what is best for Selena there comes a point where you need to butt out and mind your own business. What works for Taylor will not necessarily work for Selena. After all they are different people! If Selena really wants to get back with Justin she just needs give it to Taylor Swift straight. That she needs to mind her own business because it is not her life and if she doesn’t like it that is her problema.

Although Justin reportedly cheated on Selena it is still ultimately up to her if she wants to give the relationship another shot.

Either way, not sure which way this is going to go but I have a feeling that a reunion could be in the making! If they do good luck this time. They are a super cute couple.

Keep in mind the photo above was from just April 2013 four months after they originally broke up. I don’t think that this is the last we will see from Jelena…lol