Monthly Archives: June 2014

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together…


Yes! I knew these two couldn’t stay away from each other for long. Justin and Selena have reunited and we have a proof. A video uploaded to Alfredo Flores’ twitter account from his birthday clearly shows them arm and arm. Congratulations Jelena! Good for you for not letting other people control your relationship. Now let’s hope that this time it lasts!


Jennifer Lopez finally calls it quits with Casper Smart because she caught him texting a “Tranny”?

JLOCASPWord has it that Jlo caught ex-beau Casper Smart texting a Tranny and had an epiphany that she should no longer continue such a relationship. Casper gets to keep a couple expensive man toys. Casper did not want financial support because he claimed to be a “real man”. Ha I love that Perez Hilton who makes a valid point that “the real man takes nothing, Smarty. But whatevs” Is Perez (an openly gay male) more of a man than Casper, hmmm? So, is it true that Jlo called it quits because she found out that he was texting a tranny. I been knowing he was gay since photos of him surfaced wearing shiny gold daisy dukes (pictured here). I mean come on Jlo, at that point it was just blatantly obvious. So it was only a matter of time. I must say it is better that she get away from him now rather than later if a man tran is what he is looking for in a partner. Good luck Jlo!

Justin Bieber told a racist joke…Oh my word!

A video has surfaced of a 17 year old Justin Bieber telling an extremely racist joke and using the N word. Oh Justin didn’t your parents teach you the taboo surrounding the use of the N word.

Even after everything that Justin has been through in the past year this still some how surprises me. It just goes to show that racism is still very prevalent around the world today. And as Perez Hilton said I hope that this will be the wake up call that Justin needs.

Bieber has since released a heart felt apology. If it’s any consolation I forgive you Justin after all, we all say some pretty stupid things. Just don’t let it happen again…Capisce!